• Mental Health Center, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610041, China;
DENG Hong, Email: rhdeng88@hotmail.com
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Objective  To explor the influence of the hospital-community-family mental rehabilitation mode on the quality of life of patients with schizophrenia.
Methods  We selected 101 patients diagnosed as schizophrenia according to ICD-10, who were hospitalized in mental health center of the West China Hospital and took part in rehabilitation voluntarily after discharge. Those patients were randomly assigned to two groups. Hospital-community-family mental rehabilitation mode intervention was applied to the patients based on inpatient rehabilitation in the trial group (n=52), while inpatient rehabilitation alone was applied in the control group (n=49). The total score of quality of life, psycho-social dimension, motivation and energy dimension, score of mental disability and social function, and family social care index were recorded. Then, statistical analysis was performed using SPSS 17.0 software.
Results  After 3 months and 6 months, the trial group had lower scores of the total score of quality of life, psycho-social domain, and motive and energy dimension than those of the control group (P lt;0.05). After 6 months, the trial group had lower scores of mental disability and social function (P lt;0.05) but a higher score of family social care index (P lt;0.05). The scores of WHO-DSA II and SQLS were positively correlated, while the scores of APGAR and SQLS were negatively correlated.
Conclusion  The integral mode of hospital-community-family mental rehabilitation effectively improves the quality of life of patients with schizophrenia, which also positively improves patients’ rehabilitation.

Citation: SHEN Wenwu,ZHANG Zhuoqiu,CHEN Juan,HUANG Xia,GONG Shu,DENG Hong. Influence of Hospital-Community-Family Mental Rehabilitation Mode on Quality of Life of Schizophrenia Patients. Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine, 2013, 13(10): 1176-1179. doi: 10.7507/1672-2531.20130201 Copy

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