• 1. School of Health Management, Harbin Medical University, Harbin 150081, P.R.China;
  • 2. Heilongjiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Harbin 150030, P.R.China;
  • 3. Infectious Disease Hospital of Heilongjiang Province, Harbin 150500, P.R.China;
  • 4. National Health Social Risk Prevention and Collaboration Innovation Center, Shanghai 200032, P.R.China;
LIANG Libo, Email: llbhit@163.com
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Objective To systematically review the unfavorable treatment outcome of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in China. Methods CNKI, WanFang Data, CBM, PubMed, EMbase, and Web of Science databases were electronically searched to collect studies that reported unfavorable treatment outcomes of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in China from inception to April 2021. Two reviewers independently screened literature, extracted data, and assessed the risk of bias of included studies. Meta-analysis was then performed by using Stata 12.0 software. Results A total of 11 studies involving 4 465 patients were included. The results of meta-analysis showed that the overall rate of treatment success was 62% (95%CI 55% to 70%), the rate of treatment failure was 19% (95%CI 12% to 26%), the rate of default was 7% (95%CI 4% to 10%), the rate of mortality was 6% (95%CI 4% to 8%) and the rate of unfavorable treatment outcome was 25% (95%CI 19% to 32%). Conclusions Current evidence shows that the treatment failure rate of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in China is slightly high. Due to limited quality and quantity of the included studies, more high-quality studies are required to verify the above conclusions.

Citation: LIU Junping, SUN Yanbo, ZHANG Shulan, GUAN Li, LIU Zhixin, SUN Minglei, ZHAO Juan, WANG Chen, ZOU Dandan, LIANG Libo. Unfavorable treatment outcome of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in China: a meta-analysis. Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine, 2021, 21(10): 1174-1178. doi: 10.7507/1672-2531.202106123 Copy

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