• Department of Integrated Trad itional Chinese & Western Medicine; West China Hospital; Sichuan University; Che ngdu 610041; China;
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The modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are the key issues we must face up to. The development of TCM needs to depend on the breakthrough of methods and the innovation of ideology, and the international standardization of scientific research evaluation. The clinical evidence from randomized comtrolled trials (RCT) is valuable and reliable. It has shown that the proportion of RCT identified in TCM journals was less than 30%, and the score of RCT’s quality was less than 3 using Jadad scale. However, the number of systematic reviews on TCM is increasing rapidly after the evidence-based medicine (EBM) was introduced and practiced in China. Until 2004, 43 systematic reviews of TCM were published in China, and the quality of RCT included in those reviews was elevated. It has shown that the efficacy and safety of TCM indicated some advances in treatment of certain kind of diseases. It has been realized that RCT are important in TCM, and improving the quality of RCT is the key step for modernization and internationalization of TCM.

Citation: LI TingQian,WANG Gang,WANG Lei,MAO Bing. Clinical Trials of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China: Status and Evaluation. Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine, 2005, 05(6): 431-437. doi: Copy