• 1. Department of Cardiology; 2. West China College of Nursing, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan 610041, P. R. China;
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目的  通过调查临床护理实习生在临床实习工作中遭患者拒绝的情况,分析护生被拒绝的原因,引导学生正确面对被拒绝。 方法  2011年5月-6月采用自制调查问卷对实习8个月以上的护生进行调查。 结果  87.5%的护生在实习中遭遇过患者的拒绝,患者和家属的不信任是护生遭遇被拒绝的主要原因,多数护生在被患者拒绝后有不良情绪及消极应对。 结论  护生应加强基本知识和基本技能的学习,提高沟通交流技巧,带教老师要注意护生情商的培养,给予护生正面积极的鼓励才能使护生正确面对患者的拒绝。
Objective  To investigate the rejection phenomenon in the clinical practice of nursing students, and to analyze the reasons to guide the students to face the refusals appropriately. Methods  From May to June 2011, 90 nursing students who had worked for over eight months were surveyed using the self-made questionnaire. Results  About 87.5% of nursing students encountered the patient’s refusals in the clinical practice and the most important reason was that the patients and their families did not trust the experience of nursing students. Most of the students showed the negative emotion and response after the refusal. Conclusions  Nursing students should strengthen their basic knowledge and basic skills, and improve their communication skills. Furthermore, the teachers also should pay attention to the cultivation of emotional intelligence and positive encouragement, which could assist the nursing students in dealing with the refusals in the right way.

Citation: HE Li,YANG Liujuan.. Investigation of the Rejection Phenomenon in the Clinical Practice of Nursing Students. Chinese Journal of Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery, 2012, 27(1): 91-93. doi: CNKI: 51-1356/R.20120115.1552.023 Copy

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