• Department of Anesthesiology , West China Second University Hospital , Sichuan University.Chengdu , Sichuan , 610041 , China Corresponding author:JIANG Xiao-qin,E-mail:angeljxq@yahoo.com.cn;
JIANG Xiaoqin, Email: angeljxq@yahoo.com.cn
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Objective  To study the effects of hemodilution on oxygenation during one-lung ventilation(OLV).Methods  Forty patients undergoing lung surgery with or without chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD)were enrolled.The study was performed in the supine position before surgery.The tracheas were intubated with a double-lumen tube.OLV was initiated for 15 min.After 15 min of OLV,arterial and venous blood gas samples were collected and analyzed.The cardiac output (CO) was measured.Two-lung ventilation was reinstituted,and hemodilution was performed (6% hydroxyethyl starch,10 mL/kg).Subsequently,OLV was performed again for 15 min.Then arterial and venous blood gas samples were collected and analyzed.The cardiac output (CO) was measured.Results  Hemodilution resulted in a significant and similar decrease in HB concentration in patients both with or without COPD.However,hemodilution resulted in a significant decrease in PaO2 in COPD patients rather than subjects without COPD.Conclusion  Mild hemodilution impairs gas exchange during OLV in COPD patients.

Citation: JIANG Xiaoqin,LIN Xuemei,MA Yushan,YIN Yan,LIU Jin. The effects of acute hemodilution on oxygenation during one-lung ventilation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Chinese Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 2008, 08(2): 101-103. doi: Copy

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