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    Objective To observe the replicative senescence of rat articular chondrocyte cultured in vitro so as to provide reference for the succeeding experiment of using medicine interfere and reverse the cataplasia of tissue engineering cartilage or probing cataplasia mechanism.Methods Different generations(P1, P2, P3 and P4) of the chondrocytes were detected with the methods of histochemistry for β-galactosidase (β-gal), electronmicroscope for ultromicrostructure, immunocytochemistry for proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA),alcian blue stain for content and structure of sulfatglycosaminoglycan (GAG) of extracellular matrix (ECM),reverse transcriptionpolymerase chain reaction (RTPCR) for content of collagen Ⅱ,flow cytometry for cell life cycle and proliferative index(PI) to observe senescence of chondrocytes.Results In the 4th passage,the chondrocytes emerging quantitively positive express of β-gal,cyto-architecture cataplasia such as caryoplasm ratio increasing and karyopycnosis emerging under electronmicroscope ,cell life cycle being detented on G1 phase(83.8%),while in P1, P2, P3 the content of G1 phase was 79.1%, 79.2%, 80.8% respectively. In the 4th passage, PI decreased(16.2%),while in P1, P2, P3, it was 20.9%, 20.8%, 19.2%. The positive percentage of PCNA,the content of GAG(long chain molecule) and the positive expression of collagen Ⅱ diminished,all detections above were significantly different (Plt;0.01) when compared the 4th passage with the preceding passages.Conclusion Chondrocytes show the onset of senescence in the 4th passage.

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    OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of electroacupuncture on mRNA expression of NGF and IGF-1 in injured nerve. METHODS: Sciatic nerve injury model was established by transection of right side sciatic nerve in 90 male SD rats, which were randomly divided into two groups. The experimental group was treated with electroacupuncture, no treatment in the control group. The distal part of the injured nerve was harvested after 1, 2, 4, 6 and 10 weeks of operation and stored in the liquid nitrogen. The total RNA was extracted by the TRIzol reagent. Reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR) was used to detected the mRNA expression of NGF and IGF-1. RESULTS: The mRNA expression of NGF in the experimental group was increased quickly from the second week, and reached to highest level in the fourth week. It was much higher than that of the control group (P lt; 0.05). Then it began to decline in following time and approximately reached to the level of the first week after 10 weeks of operation. The mRNA expression of IGF-1 in the experimental group was remarkably increased in the second and fourth week, and which was much higher than that of the control group respectively(P lt; 0.05). Although the mRNA expression of IGF-1 after 10 weeks of operation in the experimental group was higher than that of the control group, but there was no significant difference between the two groups(P gt; 0.05). There was linear correlation in the fourth week between mRNA expression of NGF and IGF-1 in the experimental group. CONCLUSION: The mRNA expression of NGF and IGF-1 can be elevated in injured nerve at early stage interfered with electroacupuncture.

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  • Role of CD10 Expression in Differential Diagnosis of Thyroid Follicular Carcinoma and Follicular Variant of Papillary Carcinoma

    Objective To investigate the role of expression in the differential diagnosis of thyroid follicular carcinoma and follicular variant of papillary carcinoma. Methods Seventy cases of thyroid lesions (including 15 cases of follicular adenomas, 15 cases of adinomatous goiters, 30 cases of papillary carcinomas and 10 cases of follicular carcinomas) were collected, and CD10 expression was detected by means of immunohistochemistry in above thyroid lesions. Results Seven of 9 cases of follicular variant of papillary carcinoma were CD10 positive (77.8%), and 8 of 10 cases of follicular carcinoma were CD10 positive (80.0%). However, CD10 was negative in all cases of non-follicular variant of papillary carcinoma, follicular adenoma, adinomatous goiter and normal thyroid tissue. Conclusion The detection of CD10 expression is useful to the differential diagnosis of thyroid follicular carcinoma and follicular variant of papillary carcinoma.

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  • Magnetic Resonance Pulmonary Angiography in Detection of Pulmonary Emblism: A Meta-analysis

    Objective To assess the overall diagnostic value of magnetic resonance angiography ( MRA) in patients with suspected pulmonary embolism. Methods A search in Cochrane Library,Medline,Embase,Wanfang and China Biology Medicine disc ( CBMdisc) was performed to identify relevant English and Chinese language publications from1990 to 2012. Criteria for inclusion was established based on validity criteria for diagnostic research published by the Cochrane Methods Group on Screening and Diagnostic Tests. Subsequently, the characteristics of the included articles were appraised and extracted. Statistical analysis was performed byMeta-disc version1. 4. Heterogeneity of the included articles was tested, which was used to select proper effect model to calculate pooled weighted sensitivity, specificity, positive likelihood ratio and negative likelihood ratio. Summary receiver opertating characteristic ( SROC) curve was performed and the area under the curve ( AUC) was calculated.Results 6 literatures in English were finally collected, with a total of 534 cases recruited into the study. Heterogeneity was found because of threshold effect. A Metaanalysis was performed using the randomeffect model. The value of the positive likelihood ratio and negative likelihood ratio of MRA with 95% confidence interval ( 95% CI) were 32. 392( 15. 951-65. 778) and 0. 217( 0. 160-0. 294) , respectively. The pooled weighted sensitivity and specificity were 0. 800 ( 0. 728-0. 860)and 0. 984( 0. 966-0. 994) , respectively. The AUC of SROC was 0. 9783. Conclusions MRA has certain diagnosis value for pulmonary embolismwith high sensitivity and specificity. MRA may be the best choice for some patients with renal mysfunction and allergy to radiographic contrast material. Otherwise, patients who are detected by MRA avoid exposure to ionizeing radiation.

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    Objective Mechanical stimulation and inductive factors are both crucial aspects in tissue engineered cartilage. To evaluate the effects of mechanical stimulation combined with inductive factors on the differentiation of tissue engineered cartilage. Methods Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) were isolated from newborn porcine (aged7 days and weighing 3-6 kg) and expanded in vitro. The BMSCs at passage 2 were seeded onto a scaffold of poly (lactic-coglycol ic acid) (PLGA) in the concentration of 5 × 107/mL to prepare cell-scaffold composite. Cell-scaffold composites were cultivated in a medium with chondrocyte-inducted factors (group A), in a vessel with mechanic stimulating only (group B), or mechanic stimulating combined with chondrocyte-inducted factors (group C) (parameters of mechanics: 1 Hz, 0.5 MPa, and 4 hours/day). Cell-scaffold composite and auto-cartilage served as positive control (group D) and negative control (group E), respectively. After 4 weeks of cultivation, the thickness, elastic modulus, and glycosaminoglycan (GAG) content of composites were measured. Additionally, BMSCs chondrogenic differentiation was assessed via real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR, immunohistochemistry, and histological staining. Results The thickness, elastic modulus, and maximum load in group C were significantly higher than those in groups A and B (P lt; 0.05). In groups A, B, and C, cartilage lacuna formation, GAG expression, and positive results for collagen type II were obsersed through HE staining, Safranin-O staining, and immunohistochemistry staining. The dyeing depth was deeper in group A than in group B, and in group C than in groups A and B; group C was close to group E. The GAG content in group C was significantly higher than that in groups A and B (P lt; 0.05). Real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR revealed that mRNA expressions of collagen type I, collagen type II, and GAG in group C were significantly higher than those in groups A and B (P lt; 0.05), and in group A than in group B (P lt; 0.05). Conclusion Mechanical stimulation combined with chondrocyte inductive factors can enhance the mechanical properties of the composite and induce higher expression of collagen and GAG of BMSCs.

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  • Evidence-Based Treatment for a Patient with Suspected Pyogenic Liver Abscess

    Objective To formulate an evidence-based treatment plan for a patient with suspected pyogenic liver abscess. Methods Based on the clinical questions raised by a patient with suspected pyogenic liver abscess, we searched The Cochrane Library (Issue 4, 2007), MEDLINE (1996 to January 2008), ACP Journal Club (1991 to January 2008), and Chinese Journal Full-text Database (1994 to January 2008) for systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and case-control studies. The quality of the included studies was assessed. Results We did not find any systematic reviews or large-scale RCTs involving a comparison between laparoscopic drainage and surgical drainage in the treatment of pyogenic liver abscess. Four clinical retrospective studies closely related to our questions were found and assessed. These studies concluded that laparoscopic drainage for liver abscesses was a safe alternative for patients requiring surgical drainage. Based on the current evidence, as well as our clinical expertise and the patient’s values, laparoscopic drainage was not used for this patient and surgical drainage was applied. The patient was recovered and discharged. Conclusion Current evidence showed that laparoscopic drainage might be effective and safe for liver abscesses but high-quality large-scale randomized controlled trials are still required.

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  • Correction of the projection center of rotation based on the sinogram using translation matching method

    The accurate position of the center of rotation (COR) is a key factor to ensure the quality of computed tomography (CT) reconstructed images. The classic cross-correlation matching algorithm can not satisfy the requirements of high-quality CT imaging when the projection angle is 0 and 180°, and thus needs to be improved and innovated. In this study, considering the symmetric characteristic of the 0° and flipped 180° projection data in sinogram, a novel COR correction algorithm based on the translation and match of the 0° and 180° projection data was proposed. The OTSU method was applied to reduce noise on the background, and the minimum offset of COR was quantified using the L1-norm, and then a precise COR was obtained for the image correction and reconstruction. The Sheep-Logan simulation model with random gradients and Gaussian noise and the real male SD rats samples which contained the heterogenous tooth image and the homogenous liver image, were adopted to verify the performance of the new algorithm and the cross-correlation matching algorithm. The results show that the proposed algorithm has better robustness and higher accuracy of the correction (when the sampled data is from 10% to 50% of the full projection data, the COR value can still be measured accurately using the proposed algorithm) with less computational burden compared with the cross-correlation matching algorithm, and it is able to significantly improve the quality of the reconstructed images.

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  • Assessing the Quality of Reporting of Randomized Controlled Trials in Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Objective To assess the quality of reporting of randomized controlled trials(RCTs) on traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) in China from 1999 to 2004 by CONSORT statement and Jadad scale. Methods We randomly selected 13 journals of TCM including Chinese Journal of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine,ect using stratified sampling from about 100 journals of TCM in mainland China, and all issues of selected journals published from 1999 to 2004 were hand-searched according to the hand-search guideline developed by Cochrane Collaboration. All reviewers were trained in the method of evaluating RCTs . A comprehensive quality assessment of each RCT was completed using methods including the revised consolidated standards of reporting trials (CONSORT) checklist and Jadad scale. Disagreements were resolved by consensus. Results A total of 7422 RCTs were identified, and the percentage of RCTs was significantly increased by 18.6%, 23.9%, 27.5%, 28.8%, 33.0% and 35.6% from 1999 to 2004. The mean Jadad score was 1.03 ± 0.61 in all trials with 1 RCT with 5 points, 14 with 4 points, and 102 with 3 points, from 1999 to 2004, the mean Jadad score was 0.85±0.53 (n=746), 0.82±0.63 (n=941), 0.90±0.61 (n=1 243), 1.03±0.60 (n=1 325), 1.12±0.58 (n=1 533) and 1.20±0.62 (n=1 634) respectively, which was improved continuously but slowly. 39.4% of the items in CONSORT, which was equivalent to 11.82 (standard deviation=5.78) of a total of 30 items, were reported across those trials. Some important methodological components of RCTs such as sample size calculation (1.1%), randomization sequence (7.9%), allocation concealment (0.3%), implementation of the random allocation sequence (0.0%) , analysis of intention to treat (0.0%), were incompletely reported. Conclusion Our study suggests that the quality of reporting has been improved but still in poor status, which would urgently promote the establishment of the CONSORT for TCM.

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