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  • Developing the indicator system for evaluating health in all policies in earthquake-stricken areas with Delphi method

    ObjectiveTo construct a health in all policies (HiAP) evaluation index system for earthquake-stricken areas based on national health policies.MethodsFrom April to December 2020, this study combined the methods of comprehensive review of relevant literature, on the foundation of the evaluation indicators pool was preliminarily constructed. The Delphi method and analytic hierarchy process were adopted to construct the evaluation indicators system in earthquake-stricken areas and analyzed the weights of indicators.ResultsA total of 5 first-level indicators (investment, action, short-term effect, medium-term effect, long-term effect), 15 second-level indicators, and 44 third-level indicators with satisfactory logical consistency of HiAP evaluation indicators system in earthquake-stricken areas had been constructed.ConclusionsThe HiAP evaluation indicators system constructed in this study can be used to comprehensively evaluate the implementation of HiAP earthquake-stricken areas.

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  • Accessibility of primary care in Sichuan Province

    ObjectiveTo analyze the accessibility of primary care in Sichuan Province from both the perspective of doctors, patients, and field workers, and then make some policy recommendations.MethodsBased on the Quality and Costs of Primary Care in Europe primary care questionnaire, we surveyed 48 primary care facilities from six cities / states in Sichuan by multi-stage stratified random sampling method, taking in account of the regional development level from November 2017 to December 2018. Then integrated accessibility score for primary care was calculated based on the question items for both doctors and patients.ResultsThis study effectively surveyed 319 primary care doctors and 641 patients. In general, the integrated accessibility score for primary care for these areas was 0.25. The accessibility of primary care was worst in less-developed regions (0.23), while it was much better in medium-developed area (0.30) and developed area (0.28).ConclusionsWe can do lots of things to improve accessibility of primary care. Evidence based policies are needed to promote this goal that everyone will have access to basic medical and health services.

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