• Department of Integrated Chinese Medicine &Western Medicine; West China Hospital; Sichuan University; Chengdu 610041; China;
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In the clinical trials, the rights and interests of participants must be considered. Ethical principles including the Declaration of Helsinki for clinical research have been established, and the institutional review board (IRB) and informed consent are important for protecting the rights and interests of participants. Whether a clinical trial is in accordence with the ethics depends on if the available clinical evidence is valuable and credible. The better candomize controlled trial (RCT) is one of the best evidence which will make different results equal between the treatment group and the controlled group. Thus benefits and risks of participants are allocated equitably and useless treatment is prohibited when the effective treatment affirmed at the same time. Economic health evaluation and outcome measurements are emphasized in EBM, and the clinical evidence is updated regularly. It is EBM and its emphasis of evidence that need the high-quality clinical trials, therefore the problems of ethics involved in clinical trials is important.

Citation: LI Tingqian,WANG Gang,WANG Lei. Evidence-based Medicine Guides the Performance of Ethics in Clinical Trials. Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine, 2005, 05(4): 266-270. doi: Copy