• National Center for Drug Clinical Trial (TCM); West China Hopital; Sichuan University; Chengdu 610041; China;
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Assessment on adverse drug reactions (ADR) that directly affects the quality of life and mortality and an important part of the post-marketed reassessment are developing gradually in China. Many problems have been identified in clinical validity and safety for the authorized Chinese herbs. An effective and standardized system is needed in the post-marketed drug reassessment. Evidence-based drug evaluation, which mainly includes clinical epidemiology, systematic review and health technology, will be used to assess the clinical validity, safety and cost of post-marketed drug and play an important role in the process of modernization and internationalization of Chinese herbs.

Citation: LI Tingqian,WANG Gang,WANG Lei. Evidence-Based Medicine and Reassessment of Post-Marketed Chinese Herbs. Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine, 2004, 04(4): 217-221. doi: Copy