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  • Re-orientating Teaching of Medical Ethics in Undergraduate Education

    Since the medical research has becomes one of the basic responsibilities of medical staff, the education of medical research ethics plays a key role in standard transformation in the study of research ethics and publishing ethics. Based on the teaching of medical ethics for medial undergraduates, this paper discusses the feasibility of research ethics as the breakthrough point of medical ethics course to cultivate the scientific thought and ethic awareness of medical students, analyzes the shortages existing in the traditional teaching of medical ethics, and finally puts forward suggestions of the construction of medical humanism coping with the rapid improvement of medical science.

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  • The investigation on scientific misconduct of medical postgraduate

    ObjectiveIn this study, we aimed to investigate the medical postgraduates’ attitudes on scientific misconduct activities to provide support to scientific research integrity education.MethodsWe conducted a cross-sectional survey in 3 medical schools in Sichuan province in September 2020. Medical postgraduates were investigated to report the sociodemographic information and self-attitude on research activities.ResultsOf the 983 students completed, 73.14% were pursuing the master program and 27.9% had published SCI papers. For attitudes on scientific misconduct activities, 0.93% agreed to change negative results picture into positive by software and 5.08% consented to modify data when P value was above 0.05 slightly.ConclusionsThe results of this study show that a small portion of medical postgraduates are still not resolute on academic misconduct. We should further strengthen education and establish the bottom line thinking which cannot be touched by the academic misconduct of medical postgraduates.

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